Meet the Super Team


Katie Nedjelski - Chief Comfy Pants

Closeted hippy, wistful wrangler of chickens, and professed fancy-pants, Katie lives in Calgary with her family where she obsesses over urban farming and clean living. With a propensity for collecting cool stuff, Katie is on-point with her eye for fashion and like a ninja when it comes to spotting the latest trends. From trend-spotter to trend-setter, Katie has made a mark with her line of splashy, funky, darling and really really comfortable girls underwear line.

The brains behind BLOOM, Katie is a superhero of sorts. She brings comfort and solace to tushies across the land; underwear that’s soft, awesomely stylish and, yes, they stay put. As a parent, entrepreneur, and general badass, Katie believes in a girl’s right to run, jump, kick, and cartwheel in a wedgie-free zone. Plus, a girl can only wear princess underwear for so long before she gets fed up.

 A self-described master-multitasker with a competitive streak, she spent fifteen years in the corporate world where she learned a thing or two about life (and business). First, when you want something in life, put your heart and soul into it and get ‘er done. Second, no one should have to hide in the bathroom to dislodge a first-degree wedgie. The latter may not seem pertinent, but a little girl chasing grasshoppers might think otherwise.