The War on Tags - Sensitive Kids and their parents on the battle lines

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When BLOOM Kids Essentials set out to make comfortable underwear, I had no idea how big the need was, how many kids struggled with the clothes they wore.  I had a 2 year old in diapers when I took over the company – I had no frame of reference for these things.  I had never even heard of sensory processing disorder (SPD). 

As it turns out, that 2 year old of mine grew to be one of those really sensitive kids.  He doesn’t fit the description for an SPD diagnosis, so I often wonder what makes him so aware of his tactile senses.  His personality?  Genetics (a “chronic-tag-remover” gene, no doubt)? His Lymphedema diagnosis?   I’ll likely never know but his discomfort is incredibly obvious.  I can see his skin crawling when he puts on a t-shirt and the tag touches his neck.  He rips it off so fast, the rest of his clothes following suit.  He hates to be touched but needs to be touching, all contact at his instigation and under his control.  He’s tactile.  He’s intense. 

We still struggle with finding comfortable clothes.  T-shirts and sweatpants are his jam.  But he’s skinny and going commando is also his jam, so butt cracks are a normal sight.   I try not to stress too much about him not wearing underwear but some parents find this cringeworthy.  I do wince when I see him come out of the school door trying to keep his pants up - the drawstring routinely comes undone and he’s too shy to ask a teacher for help.  I wince, but I say nothing.  I learned very early on that in the grand scheme of important battles to fight, this is not one of them.

I hear from parents every week about how BLOOM underwear are the ONLY ones their kids will wear.  Their children may be on the spectrum, or they may just have strong opinions about what goes against their skin. Sometimes there’s too little fabric.  Or too much.  Or the waist isn’t tight enough.  Or it’s too tight.  On the other end is poor mom and dad, who just can’t seem to get it right.

It’s a battle, a seemingly never-ending one.  I’m in the trenches with you, tags and fabric and waists and all.  I get it - I really, truly get it.  BLOOM gets it, too.

Here are a few resources in case this sounds all too familiar.


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