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Launching Bloom has involved many changes to our little company. 

A New Name 

Bloom embodies so many things: the journey through childhood, confident kids,  the cotton flower on our designs, a slang word for bloomers, and the growth of our company.  It truly is the perfect moniker for this exciting new product.

A New Manufacturer and New Quality Standards 

It’s no secret – girls’ underwear is just crappy! Tiny elastic and thin fabric do nothing but cause endless frustration.  We solved that problem when we first set out, but we knew we could improve even more.  Structurally, we made tiny changes to decrease any chance of sensitivities being an issue, but the biggest change for our underwear and for our brand is the switch to organic cotton. We are determined to make our gotch the best and are on a mission to change the standard in kids’ underwear. 

No Child Labour, Ever

No sweatshop, ever. Our manufacturer is a women-owned company. They treat their workers well, paying them a salary 30% above industry standard.  They work 8-hour days in a safe environment.  They get 3 weeks of vacation and a company-paid trip each year.  The company wants their workers to provide for their families and lead happy, healthy lives.

We’ve Gone Organic

You could call us hippies.  We’re those natural people who read labels, use coconut oil for everything, and toss products on the account of unpronounceable ingredients.  We know that what you put on your skin is immediately absorbed into your body, so why should underwear be any different?  After all, it is up against the most sensitive area of our body - save for maybe that tiny piece of skin near your armpit that babies love to pinch while nursing.  Ouuucccch!

Our fibre is GOTS certified and all our trim, elastic, thread, dyes, and other materials meet environmental and toxicological criteria, too.  What does that mean?  Well, it ensures working conditions are met. Health and safety are paramount. The cotton farmers are protected against chemical exposure.  It’s also great for the environment - no contamination of the soil and water, eliminating the negative exposure on the surrounding community.  The seeds are GMO free, no herbicides or pesticides are used to grow healthy plants. And maybe most relevant, the fabric lasts longer! It’s also softer and more luxurious, which means kids want to wear it – keeping it from collecting dust in drawers and landfills.

It’s been a whirlwind over here and we couldn’t be more excited to share our new and improved product with you!  We know that we already had a good thing going, but with these tweaks we can elevate to being best in class – for all the right reasons.


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